Expatriate Centred Services

Organisation Based Services

Services are bespoke and based on client needs, reflecting company size, life stage, culture and structure.

Global mobility strategy reviews These consider global mobility objectives and their alignment with company and HR objectives; succession planning and talent management; international assignment types and options; return on expatriate investment; the expatriate employment relationship; and holistic support provision.

Core HR processes and procedures audits:  These cover reward package optimisation; expatriate and relocation policies; international assignment recruitment and selection; and appraisal and career development for single destination assignees and career expatriates.

Global mobility training This is for employees handling day to day global mobility issues including expatriate liaison.  It covers the planning and on-going management of international assignments as well as building awareness of global mobility issues from an expatriate and a family perspective.


We provide holistic support that is tailored to individual needs and assignment circumstances.

Readiness before assignment identified:  This is for employees who have been identified as potential international assignment candidates.  It includes all aspects of assignment readiness: to ensure potential assignees have considered the personal, family, financial and practical implications; have realistic expectations; have the courage to go; and can be ready to leave at short notice.

Pre-departure preparation once assignment identified:  This is for employees relocating overseas or moving to a new location.  Investing in Nomad's Holistic Support Framework is used to identify and then focus on the issues, information and support that is relevant to the employee, their assignment role, the location and the cultural context.

On assignment follow up:  This is for expatriates in the early stages of an assignment.  It enables them to raise niggling worries or concerns and obtain clarification, reassurance and if necessary support, before significant issues arise or problems start to escalate.

What do we do?

We offer support and advice on global mobility issues using a combination of reviews, audits, workshops and personal interviews.  Our services cover long term, short term and commuter assignments as well as the specific needs of career expatriates and families.