Who are we?

Living overseas for ten years, I became increasingly aware of the stresses international assignments can have on expatriates and their families; the human and organisational consequences of assignment failure; the different levels and types of support available; and the influence expectations can have on assignment outcomes.  

Jane Innes, BA, Msc, CA

Founder of Investing in Nomads


We are a niche provider; we help organisations, expatriates and families with a range of global mobility issues and challenges.   We are committed to enhancing individual and organisational performance and capability and to making a difference to the lives of expatriates and their families.  We care about what we do, the value we deliver and the impact we have. 


  • Global mobility specialist with qualitative research into the value and impact of holistic support for expatriates and their families in the oil and gas industry, co-written with academic Anne Stevenson from Robert Gordon University, published in 2016 in Global Business and Organizational Excellence
  • Commercial, business process, line management, people development and client service experience gained during 14 years at a 'Big Four' accountancy firm
  • First-hand experience of living overseas for 10 years

  • Insight and empathy through understanding multiple perspectives


  • Bespoke service and approach developed with you
  • Only perform work we have the capability and passion to deliver
  • Personal service that is flexible and sensitive to other demands on your time
  • Support from an Aberdeen based company

Objective independence:

  • Independent and impartial support for you and your employees
  • Confidential support for employees, giving them the confidence to be open

Adding value:

  • Reduce global mobility risks relating to assignment completion and retention

  • Safeguard employee performance

  • Enhance individual and organisational capability

  • Strengthen the employment relationship and the employer brand

  • Ensure international assignments are structured and managed cost effectively

  • Enable you to focus on your core business